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Introducing the revolutionary GyneVue Reusable Hysteroscope:

Hysteroscopy now reimagined with cutting-edge technology. This innovative new take on the classic hysteroscope offers the versatility of diagnostic, operative, and tissue removal /morcellation hysteroscopy in a single, all-in-one design.







Tissue Removal


  • High-quality digital imaging

  • Low device acquisition cost

  • Anatomically compliant

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Procedure-specific shafts

  • Standardized across all

        procedural sites

  • Minimal components

  • Multiple display option

  • Low per procedural costs

GyneVue is pending 510K clearance

System Diagram_white line.png
Handle w Shadow.png
Handle w Shadow.png

Ergonomically designed to optimize maximum control.

Expertly configured for precise manipulation/deflection of diagnostic and operative shaft tips.

Conveniently positioned button controls for frequently used features (i.e., light control, picture capture, and video recording).

Diagnostic Shaft w Shadow.png
3.0 mm Diameter
Diagnostic Shaft

Uniquely designed for seamless intrauterine introduction and for

a traditional vaginoscopy approach.

Diagnostic Shaft w Shadow.png

Sized specifically to allow smooth introduction for normal as well as narrow or stenotic cervixes.

A controllable, articulating tip optimizes full surveillance of the

intra-uterine cavity with minimal movement of the hysteroscope.

(Tip is bi-deflectable up to 45° laterally)

Operative Shaft w Shadow.png
Operative Shaft
Operative Shaft w Shadow.png

Identical to the diagnostic shaft; the controllable, articulating tip allows for precise instrument positioning.

(Tip is bi-deflectable up to 45° laterally;  with introduced instrument, up to 30°)

Continuous flow optimizes distention and visualization.

An integrated 5 Fr. channel supports all operative procedures.

(polyp removal, adhesiolysis, septum repair, IUD repositioning/retrieval, fertility management, and more)

4.5 mm Diameter
Tissue Removal Shaft
Therapeutic Shaft w Shadow.png
5.5 mm Diameter
GyneVue Tissue Removal Shaft

Ergonomically configured to ensure stable handling.

Excellent sealing design with simple replacement of sealing caps

(internal and external).

GyneVue is pending 510K clearance

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